Wave Leadership College is a place where students come to grow in their faith, purpose and calling. As a member of Wave Network, you know that Wave Leadership College is connected to Wave Church and flows out of the vision that Pastors Steve and Sharon have to see healthy people planted and flourishing while serving in God’s house. From time to time, we ask our students for a word that describes WLC, and while there are many, the most common words are challenging, faith-building, equipping, inspiring, fun, family…

In a recent conversation, a student mentioned the word discipleship in her reflection about what WLC has meant in her life. As I thought about it, I realized that she brought up a by-product of WLC culture that we rarely emphasize. Just about everyone in church has heard the word before and many churches intentionally use the word discipleship when discussing their small group ministry, or Sunday school classes. Every pastor and church leader around the world is familiar with the word discipleship, but considering it in the context of Wave Leadership College provides a different spin.

Essentially, discipleship at Wave Leadership College happens in the “in-between” moments. Maybe it’s a 5-minute encouragement in-between classes, or an extended conversation during a lunch break at Conference. Perhaps it’s during our weekly student prayer time, or during chapel. Embedded throughout WLC culture, as a result of our hands-on, continual mentoring interaction between every leader and the student body, WLC students receive godly counsel, practical wisdom, and compassionate concern for every area of life. The leaders of WLC bring a balance of life experience, ministry experience, and academic education to every interaction, providing WLC students with genuine discipleship.

If WLC grads are going to truly be healthy leaders who are planted and flourishing in Wave Network churches, they must be developed in an environment that truly disciples them, so that they in turn can “go and make disciples”. It is our prayer that learning under the dedicated team at WLC will not only help them reach new levels in their walk with God but also go on from here to help build your church for years to come.

To get registered or to request information for WLC, contact the Admissions Counselor, Robby Blair can be reached via Robert.Blair@wavecollege.com or 757-401-6125. Your story starts here. www.wavecollege.com