Wave Leadership College has been blessed with continued growth in enrollment, ministry training, and academic instruction this past year. On May 21, we graduated our largest class in school history! As part of this class, for the first time ever, our SEU at Wave Leadership College program will have students graduating with a B.S. in Ministerial Leadership. This SACS-accredited degree prepares students for pastoral ministry, and if they desire, enables them to pursue a Masters Degree in Divinity at any seminary they choose.

Another highlight of this academic year has been the increase in students from Network churches and churches in and around Virginia Beach, Virginia. Nearly 10% of our local student body attends WLC to develop their ministry gifting, while fulfilling their practicum credits in their home church. We are blessed to be able to help develop our students’ faith, wisdom, and spiritual gifts so they can be a blessing to their home church for years to come.

Lastly, in celebration of our largest graduation happening May 21, the Joshua Green Foundation has granted WLC a matching grant of $21,000. Every dollar donated to WLC during the month of May, up to $21,000, will be matched!

To get registered or to request information for WLC, contact the Admissions Counselor, Robby Blair can be reached via Robert.Blair@wavecollege.com or 757-401-6125. Your story starts here. www.wavecollege.com