Hi Guys,

We have had a great few months, and I’m excited to share some of the amazing things happening around the Network:

  • Devoted Conference was absolutely amazing this year.  Pastor Sharon and the team were phenomenal, and we continue to get reports from delegates across the country telling us how this year’s conference impacted them and their churches tremendously.  Many of you were able to send women from your churches, including Pastors Sam and Michelle Masteller who brought the largest contingent.  Thank you!
  • Pastor Sharon was able to speak at the very first Pioneer Women’s conference in Lincoln, Nebraska.  She had a great time, and hundreds of women got together and blew it out of the park.  Pastors Matt and Carrie Erikson are doing a great job there.
  • Living Word Church in Brockton Massachusetts, with Pastors Ed and Judy Daniels, are about three months away from moving into their new building.  I had a great time preaching for them this month.  Let’s keep them in our prayers as they are in a very exciting season!
  • Pastor Kevin Green’s new building is about 80% complete.  They are currently using it, and Pastor Steve is very excited about being there for their grand opening in April.

We are so excited that you have chosen to be part of Wave Network.  There are many events coming up that we believe will help to equip you your ministry to reach people!  Some of the events coming up are:

  1. Wave Europe Getaway in Aarhus, Denmark (June 6-8)
  2. SK Round Table with Rick Godwin, Nashville, TN (July12-13)
  3. Wave Summit, Wave Church, Virginia Beach, VA (August 1-2)

It would be a privilege for us if you are able to attend these events.

If I can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Be blessed,

Robert and Margaret Cameron
Wave Network Directors