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Freedom Bath & Bristol


Freedom Bath and Bristol has enjoyed a season of exciting expansion and strengthening, having been through a few years of challenges previously.

We have moved to a temporary venue, Bath Spa University, while we wait for the auditorium to be built in the grounds of our own building which we currently use Monday- Friday to serve the community with a trauma recovery centre.  The rooms that we use mid week for the trauma charity will be used as the kids rooms on a Sunday when we have our own auditorium and will continue to bring hope, healing and restoration to families mid week. The auditorium will be the first purpose built church auditorium in over a century in our city!

We have just completed on a building in Bristol for our Freedom Bristol hub. It is in a central location and so ideal for gathering events and mid week groups.

Freedom has enjoyed a teaching series on The Braveheart¬† exploring the topic of courage for life, holiness, and the journey of being transformed increasingly into who God has created us to be. We are now looking at Heartbeat where we will be exploring what is on God’s heart that needs to be on ours as we seek to put his agenda first.

Our youth and kids are growing and is a highlight of our church as we see their passion for church and Jesus! We are planning on producing another CD soon to capture some of the extraordinary new songs rising out of our church and have re launched our arts college.

We know this is a significant season as God builds strong foundations in our church ready for the new season which will happen once our new building is built. We are pressing in to Jesus to make sure we are ready to fling open the doors to our communities in a new way once we have a Sunday venue that can fit in the numbers we know will come.. Thanks for your prayers!

Betsy & Andrew de Thiery
Senior Pastors, Freedom Bath and Bristol

Andrew & Betsy De Thiery